AdWords Management Testimonial 1
AdWords Management TrainerRaine & Horne Queensland worked with AdWords Management to optimise their Google AdWords strategy in early 2008. Wesley and his team improved the overall strategy of Raine & Horne’s comprehensive database of keywords and phrases greatly positioning them in a much more viable and opportunistic space throughout Google searches. Quickly Raine & Horne saw improved click through rate, higher search positions and more purposeful ads displaying in relevant searches. AdWords Management were flexible, delivered on time and to budget, improving Raine & Horne’s business greatly, in the competitive and cut throat real estate market place.

Paul Dunstone
Web and Technology Manager
Raine & Horne Queensland

AdWords Management Testimonial 2

AdWords Management have been managing our online Google advertising for only about a month so far but the results they have achieved have been little short of spectacular. The Sydney Real Estate market, as is well known, has been in a slump for some time now and the market for house moving has followed it into the doldrums. Thanks to the efforts of AdWords Management however we now have to recruit extra staff, whereas for months past the problem has been to keep our key staff occupied and employed. Our click through rate has increased, the cost per click has gone down and we increasingly find ourselves in the blue zone of the main Google screen. WE have also been able to adjust the focus of our advertising to suit areas we wished to boost. Recently for example we found we had a considerable amount of storage space empty. We mentioned this to AdWords Management, store now nearly full.
Excellent expansion has also been obtained with interstate shipments. If you are looking for good results and a creative approach to your Google advertising you won’t go past AdWords Management.

Nick Jones
Jones’ Removals

AdWords Management Testimonial 3

Hi Wes,

I thought I would drop you a note to say how happy we are with the response that we are receiving from the work you guys have done on our internet web site & ad words promotion.  As you know we had previously tried the printed media, phone books, trade journals and the like, but the response we have had from the net far exceeds all of those combined and at a fraction of the price.  Over the coming months we will be looking at increasing our presence on the net with our other business since the track record has been established.

Keep up the good work and if you wish offer me as a referral for your work.

Kind regards,

Brad Donovan