AdWords Management provides a comprehensive web design and development service that is able to cater for the web development needs of any business, no matter how large or small.

One thing that sets us apart from most other web designers is we believe strongly that there is no point in having a website if it doesn’t get any traffic nor if the website doesn’t convert the traffic it does get into leads or sales. This being the case we primarily design and develop websites with Google AdWords and SEO in mind so they are developed and structured in a way to help convert traffic that we send to them, as well as dramatically increasing the likelihood that they will be able to rank in the free listings for at least some search terms.

When it comes to AdWords and PPC in general we find most people tend to just focus on either trying to lower their cost per click or on getting more traffic to their site and completely ignore the fact that their problem maybe more to do with their website not converting the traffic it is getting!

While it is important to have a nice looking website if it doesn’t have a good call to action then any traffic you are sending to it will not convert as well, meaning it will cost you more click and more per lead.

On top of that if a site isn’t designed and structured properly and with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind then you could be missing out on ranking in the natural listings of major search engines. Not only that but your websites Google AdWords Quality Score will be affected which means you will have to pay more per click for exactly the same traffic.

Not having a well designed and well converting website will end up costing you more money with any Pay Per Click marketing campaign and make it much harder to rank in the free listings for any related terms.

We can design a new site from scratch around your logo or branding targeted to your particular market and industry or we can revamp your current site to improve its effectiveness and conversion rate, and update its design to be in line with what users now expect.

It doesn’t matter if you just need a basic 5 or 10 page static site or you require a custom and complex web development and programming solution we have the team and the experience to get the job done, on time and on budget, leaving you with the peace of mind that your site has been designed properly.

The content of your website is also of critical importance so we work closely with clients to help them create the written and visual content as well as suggest the pages their site should contain for maximum results. We generally recommend having at least 8-10 pages of content on the different topics/services/products etc you provide. This will not only provide a better experience for your visitors but also allows us to send traffic to pages more targeted to the keywords that people are clicking on, which greatly improves conversion rates and also your Google AdWords Quality score, which will reduce your cost per click.

Instead of sending users to a generic page with a bit of information about all your services which isn’t very targeted to what the user was searching for what about being able to send the same user to a page that is specifically about what they were searching for? What would keep their attention for longer and what would ultimately convert better? It sounds like common sense yet you would be amazed how few people utilise even such basic techniques.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to develop content for your site don’t worry. We also offer a professional copyrighting service for those that would rather let us come up with the written content for their website. The advantage of this is twofold. Firstly as we have a comprehensive understanding of SEO, keyword density and how search engines view your pages we will make sure it is written in a way to target keywords relevant to your business, which will assist in getting your website ranked in the free listings of major search engines. Secondly as we are experienced in writing sales copy we can write content that will convert more traffic into potential sales.

Part of our AdWords service is recommending any changes that we believe are required to your site to help it convert traffic better and also to give it a higher AdWords Quality Score, meaning you pay less per click and less per lead! Of course you don’t have to implement any of our recommendations but we strongly suggest you do.

You have the option of either getting you existing web designer to make the changes or you can get us to do them for you. Most people prefer to just get us to do them so they are done correctly because lets face it, if whoever built the site originally knew about SEO and how to structure a site properly then they would have done it to begin with.

Another thing we can do is setup Analytics for your site. This can also be integrated with your Google AdWords account and will allow you to pinpoint exactly how people reach your site, via which keywords and referring websites and also what they do when they get there. You will be able to see how well your site is performing and if anything needs to be changed, as well as being able to identify keywords that give you the highest ROI so you know what areas to focus your budget on to maximise your return.

Our Web Design and Development Services Included:
• Website Design
• Graphic Design
• Flash Animations & Banners
• Website Development
• Hosting & Email Solutions
• Content Managed Solutions
• Custom Design Solutions
• Programming
• Site Upgrading & Revamping
• E-commerce/Shopping Carts
• e newsletters Solutions
• e Mail Broadcasts
• Multiple Site Management
• Search Engine Optimisation