Google AdWords is a pay per click AdWords Management Tipssystem for advertising on Google. The ads appear on the right hand side of the Google Search page for keywords / key phrases that you choose.

Google AdWords allows anyone to run targeted advertising on the Google search engine. Google AdWords ads are the links that get displayed in the right hand column of a Google search results page. Additionally, Google runs “Sponsored Links” at the very top of the page before the search results. These dominant ads are displayed in a light coloured box along the top of the page.

How does Google AdWords work?

AdWords Management runs all ads directly on to get your business advertised on Google Australia.

Google is the largest search engine in the world! With 80% of all internet users using Google, and with a unique audience of 9.6 million people, it is by far the largest and most popular search engine in Australia.

When a visitor on Google types a keyword that is related to your business and location, your advertisement will appear on the top or right hand side of the search result for your key terms.